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TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2024


Lucy’s opponent is running with the far-left Democrat Party which opposes the freedoms and American values treasured by the people living in District 2. To confuse conservative voters, her opponent does not say he’s a Democrat on his campaign mailers.

Opponent’s Claim # 1:

Lucy and Ottawa Impact spent over $700,000 on legal fees–almost 3x more than 2022.

The Truth:

If Democrats would stop suing the county, the county would not be forced to defend itself.

The previous board paid one man over $400,000 per year for legal service. Now the county has a constitutional legal team with wonderful people to serve the county, instead of paying one man $400,000 per year. The taxpayers get better results and conservative advice.

The Democrats are spending the county’s money on legal fees and blaming the county board because of their own wasteful lawsuits.

For example, the former leader of the Michigan Democratic Party is suing the county board, and he already lost TWICE in court over his frivolous lawsuit. And he is still suing the county, wasting taxpayer dollars.

Opponent’s Claim # 2:

Lucy and Ottawa Impact paid more than $300,000 in severance to employees they terminated.

The Truth:

It was the previous Board of Commissioners who set up the severance package/contract which the present Board of Commissioners was forced to follow. They knew the new board might want to hire someone different, and they created a special contract with severance to try and stop the Republicans from taking action.

Opponent’s Claim #3:

Lucy and Ottawa Impact rejected more than $2.5 million in grant money for public health.

The Truth:

Every grant approved is money that comes with “strings attached” from our Democrat-led state and/or federal government. The Leftist government leaders determine the “strings attached,” which are the rules/mandates that must be followed to fulfill a grant’s requirements. The previous Board of Commissioners “rubber-stamped” all grant money offered by the government. There is no such thing as “free money” when it’s funded by taxpayer dollars.

The current Board of Commissioners research, ask questions, and scrutinize the “strings attached” before approving a grant. We do this to protect the rights and freedoms of the county residents.

Opponent’s Claim #4:

Lucy and Ottawa Impact make decisions for the county.

The Truth:

Ottawa Impact DOES NOT make decisions for the county. The Board of Commissioners votes in open meetings to make decisions, just like all 83 counties in Michigan.

Ottawa Impact is a group of PARENTS who stood up and said, “enough is enough” during the COVID pandemic. These parents wanted the county to open schools so their kids could go back to school. They went to the Board of Commissioners who claimed they couldn’t do anything. They went to the Health Officer who kept the county and schools closed longer than the surrounding counties. Why did the Health Officer do that? The lack of action and support from local government inspired these parents to form Ottawa Impact and run for office so this would never happen again in our county.

Ottawa Impact is all about Parental Rights and the freedom of all parents to raise their own kids.



“Separation of Church and State” IS NOT part of the Constitution. The origin of the term is from Thomas Jefferson writing a letter to a church in Connecticut in 1802. The Jefferson letter said the government should stay out of the affairs of the church. Most of our Founding Fathers were believers serving in government. Constituents from a church body can and should run for political office if they are called.

Don’t be confused or fooled by the Left’s tactics.

The goal of the Ottawa County Democratic Party is to turn our beautiful county Blue (Democratic) at any cost.

Vote for your God-given freedoms and keep our county conservative!

Thank you!